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Unique Handcrafted Artisan Beer



Sue & Ian Egerton

Tel: 07592 310182

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I have been happily brewing beer for over ten years. What started as a hobby has developed into a passion for brewing. 
In late 2014 we started to create Leafy Hollow Brewery near Wadebridge (somewhere here in the deep dark woods!). 

My husband, Ian designs our labels and logo’s, and has built our custom Brew Kitchen where we brew, using our natural spring water.  
Leafy Hollow Beers are all hand crafted. The methods we use are true to traditional practices of bygone days, using locally sourced natural ingredients, with no chemicals added. 
In order to maintain our authentic brewing methods, we have planned our business to be specialist and small-scale. We only brew 10 gallons per batch. 
The beers are all conditioned with yeast in the bottle or cask, and they retain a lovely carbonated, fresh clean taste. The live yeast in the brew keeps the Ale alive and natural.  
Our glass bottles are fully recyclable, and our labels are biodegradable.  
Our brewery is interested in quality, not quantity and we focus on creating specialist unique tasting beers, without losing the original ethos of how beers should be made.  
We have developed our own recipes to create original beers that reflect the qualities of Saison style beer, but with our own added ingredients and methods. 
We currently offer a selection of ales and ginger beers.

A collection of photos presenting our beer.


Beer in rustic setting
Sparky's Gold
Old Garly
Christmas Market Stall
Ginger Beer selection
Ale selection
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